Nov 28, 2014

Elephant's Factory is The Etsy Seller of the Week! & Giveaway

My Etsy Seller of the Week is Elephant's Factory. I love this shop because of the beautiful, original items. The owner, Glory, uses her drawings to make jewelry, keychains, magnets and pins.

I think Glory is very talented and I really like her drawings. She can also draw your pets and make items of your choice with your beloved animal.

I've asked Glory a few questions, so you can find out more about this interesting lady.

1) Where did you learn to draw like this?

I like drawing and hand making since I was in kindergarten. I created my own characters, and draw story of them. With my mama’s help, I also made my characters as cloth dolls sometimes. When I grew up, I started to play with other handmade materials such as modeling clay and papers, but I always kept focusing on creating characters. I only need a hint when I create them, like a toy, a glass or even a color, then I fill in the rest with my imagination.

2) What inspires you?

 Like most shy kids, I prefer reading instead of talking, books were the most important inspiration for me during my childhood. Right now, my inspiration is from my surrounding world, especially my cat “Pangli” (which means fat ball in English). I observe people and animals, catch their expression and emotion and try to imagine the background of them. People and animals are always my favorite subjects, when I draw food and plants I will add human face to them.
I’m still shy now that I'm an adult, with a rich inner world, I've been thinking about sharing my world with others for a long time, but didn’t know the best way to do that. I want my drawings to have a function instead of just being a drawing. 

3) How did you get the idea to make shrinky dink versions of your drawings? 

After 2 years of studying - I gained my master degree in Animation major of the Savannah College of Art and Design - it was time for me to find a job. My industry now is tight and tough for a beginner compared to a few years ago. I've been lucky with my first job as a lighting artist in Blue Sky Studio (the creator of Ice age and Rio), but after the contract ended I couldn’t find any staff positions. I worked as a freelance artist for most of 2013, which gave me lots of spare time. Meanwhile, one of my friends introduced shrinky dinks to me. When I made my first shrinky dink keychain, I knew I found something. 

4) When and how did you start on Etsy?
Elephant’s Factory was born in October 2013, I first opened my Etsy shop first and then joined the holiday session of Long Island city Flea Market (LIC flea market) in December.

As a super beginner in Business, I gained tons of experience in both ways. People don't only show their interest, but also give me many ideas of what to make. Right now, my products are including key chains, pins, earrings, necklace and pet tags... and the products about my cat Pangli are always selling the best.

 4) What are your plans for the future?

Since April 2014, I got a full time job in Framestore (a visual effects and commercial studio), but business for Elephant’s Factory is still continuing. For the future, I want to try some different styles in Shrinky Dink products, and create some new products with other materials. There are lots of new things I would like to try, such as felt and clay. I hope I will have more time to spend on my creating next year

Glory's drawings are detailed and I love the choice of colors. They're vibrant and they have a vintage look and feel.

What I also like is that there are several options you'll be able to choose from. The necklaces are beaded and they come in several different designs. It's also possible to have a matching necklace and pin.

Many adults and children will be so happy with Glory's drawings of their pets. I think they're fantastic!

 Glory has kindly offered a lovely surprise for one very lucky reader of my blog. Enter the rafflecopter to have a chance to win it. Good luck!

I will contact the winner on twitter or via email. If I don't hear anything within 60 hours the prize will go to someone else. All of my giveaways are worldwide.



  1. Wow, never saw anything like this before- super cute and arty!

  2. That's what I think as well, I love the drawings :)

  3. These are really good. My daughters love them too.

  4. those are really the cutest so far, the animals are so well drawn it's amazing! i love it


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