Nov 13, 2014

Challenges, Goals and Deadlines

Time is a curious thing and it's often slipping away from me. There aren't enough hours in a day and before I know it the day is over. I'm easily distracted and often forget which date it is. When I'm writing that's the best thing there is. I can totally disappear in the world I'm creating. For blogging it isn't always handy. I've done very few blog tours, because I have noticed that they aren't my thing. I get really stressed, because I'm afraid I will forget. I can of course prepare the post up front, but the thing I like about my blog is the spontaneity. I type whatever I like whenever I like. There are some regular features like the Etsy Seller of the Week, but that's it. I need the freedom to be able to deliver.
When I'm blogging I want to have fun. It's an outlet and for my blog to be happy and cheerful I need to feel that way as well. It has to be genuine, otherwise it won't work. It's sometimes hard to come up with things to write about at the last moment, but it's usually working out and it also has big advantages. My flexibility allows me to make room for last minute posts and to always have space for those who need me to write about something right now.
For my blog I don't have deadlines. I'm not good with challenges as they usually make me stressed. I sometimes join my friends, but have discovered I'm not the best participant. I will always support them, but sometimes I need to go my own way. There's only one goal I've set for myself when it comes to blogging and that is that it has to be fun and positive. If I'm not feeling that way something has to change immediately. I write all of these posts with a lot of love and that is what I'm hoping people will see. 
I give myself deadlines when it comes to writing. I want to get things done. Which means I promise myself a cupcake with lunch or some nice online shopping when I'm done. Every day I have a goal for myself and a deadline to meet. It's the complete opposite of my blog. I think that's why they are going so well together, there's some kind of balance. It don't like it at all when something comes in between. For example when I need to start a new project and the writing isn't going according to plan there's a big gap. I need my writing and my blog and to reach some kind of equilibrium, then they make me feel great. Fortunately I have the time and the opportunity to get to that stage over and over again. I think that means I'm quite lucky...

----- Suzanne -----

How does it work for you, do you like deadlines, goals and challenges or not at all?



    Yeah, time... time has not been on my side lately... I have job deadlines and today I had one and they usually suck. =/ I can handle them, but they stress me, so, in non-work-related areas of my life, I just dislike deadlines. I fail at them too, lol, never had the time to finish watching some anime before the movie was out... but have, on the other hand, been successful in reading some books before their movies... but most of the time, I suck at deadlines. I used to be so stressed when I was blogging and had deadlines and it felt like another job to me, that's why I quit.

    I am glad your blog is like it is, full of cute things and spontaneity - NEVER EVER LOSE THAT!

    I wish I could handle blogging again, with this kind of spontaneity, but the nature of my work makes it so hard...

    You are amazing, Suzanne, remain like this :3

  2. I'm so glad your writing is going well. I want to write but don't know where to start. I love thee variety of your blog and how upbeat it always is :)

  3. Keep writing and don't stress about blogging! I try to minimize blog tours and other things that have deadlines because I feel stressed out when that happens :)

  4. I have a calendar, but with my illness I always have to have flexibility, so I like your spontaneity. I also find that your blog is a very happy, and thus, very addicting blog. I, like you, stick to only writing about things I love and like to throw in the odd 'just because I feel like it' blog. However, I have let this go lapse, so I need to get it back in there. I think you blog and outlook are lovely. X


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