Nov 19, 2014

A Wonderful Party

Joseph "Carla" Dress Farfetch

I wore this beautiful dress to a party at work. As we share our building with an art library and a bookshop we have a huge party every year. It was a lot of fun this time and I finally had the chance to spend some time with Gina again. She and her new boyfriend Joey seem very happy. It means I'm seeing a lot less of her, but I don't mind as she's starting to live a little again and that's what's most important. 
Because of the party I missed my book club night. I asked them to come to the library and Nolan loved the idea so he came over. He's fallen head over heels for Aislyn. I don't know if she will give him as chance as she's dating a very cute computer geek who's such a good match for her. He wasn't at the party, but his best friend was. He's a regular customer and we let all of them enter a draw to win a couple of free books and tickets for tonight, he won the first prize. The best friend won two tickets, but didn't come with the girl he's dating, but brought his older brother instead. I'm so glad he did. His name is Evan and I really like him. He has adorable brown curls and dimples in his cheeks. He works as a freelance computer programmer so he can plan his own hours. That means he sleeps in the mornings and he works through the night when it's nice and quiet. 
I had to socialize, so it would be rude to spend too much time talking with Evan. Every now and then I managed to have a chat with him. When it was time for him to go home he gave me his business card and asked me to email him so we could set a date to go out. He didn't even ask me if I wanted to, he just assumed because we had such a nice time together. I'm not sure if I should feel offended, but of course I did email him as I was curious to find out what he wanted from me. We're going to visit a castle together and have lunch in the garden. That sounds like a lot of fun. He'd planned the whole thing before I could even confirm. He's a bit weird, but in a funny way and because of that I finally have a date, I can't wait! Needless to say that I think the party was a huge success.

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--- Suzanne ---


  1. Another great story. A date In a castle sounds great as long as don't have to climb the twirly steps. Thanks for another great story xx

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