Nov 10, 2014

5 Ways to Bring Sunshine to a Grey November Day!

It's November and for a large part of the world that means colder and shorter days. Sometimes those days are grey and sombre. Fortunately there are some ways to brighten them up. That's why I'm giving you five ways to bring your own sunshine to a dark and wet November day.

1) Promise yourself a treat at the end of the day. That can be something small like your favorite candy or chocolate or a nice new lipstick. It can be anything basically, as long as you like it. And it shouldn't be above budget, because that short moment of happiness isn't worth the sorrow later. Or you can make yourself a nice and cheerful emergency jar to put in money for when you need it on another grey day.

2) Enter a few giveaways. You never know when it's going to happen, but eventually you will end up winning something and that's going to make your month a whole lot nicer. Start entering as soon as you can.

3) Plan an afternoon in with a good friend. Make sure you have enough tea and chocolate for many hours of fun chatting. Don't look at the clock and then order a take-away because you're not done yet. If your friends don't live anywhere near, plan a Skype meeting, it might not be the same, but it's a lot of fun as well.

4) Check websites that recommend you good freebies and get yourself a free book or a nice sample. Free things always cheer you up. There are so many nice free books on Amazon. Even browsing them can make your day. If you have nothing to read you can stock up your kindle with great reads without paying anything for them.

5) Pamper yourself. You feel better after treating yourself to a nice mask or facial, a great shampoo, a wonderful shower gel or some lovely bath salt. Prepare for a day like that by putting all of the samples you receive in a basket or booking an appointment at a beauty salon.

What do you do to brighten up a grey and rainy day?

---------- Suzanne ----------


  1. Great ideas, I love a good chocolate and tea catch up with a friend. I should definitely skype my far away friends more often too.
    Great cheery post, thank you.
    Amanda. X

  2. Great ideas. I've never looked at freebies on line. Another way to brighten up my day is to talk to you xxx love you x

  3. i'm working on the christmas gift for the perons dear to me and... a goood cup of tea in teh eveing can help a lot^^ ( yes i'm bad at taking care of me or pampering myself)


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