Oct 28, 2014

Why I want to be a superhero

I want to be a superhero. It might sound childish, but it's true. I think about it quite often. It would be great to have special powers and to be able to make a difference. I often dream about what those superpowers could be. I've come to the conclusion that I don't have to be very strong as I'm not a fan of fighting. I want to be able to spread love, to make people like each other again. Lately I've seen a lot of nastiness and I'm frustrated that I can't solve it all. I want people to be nice to each other. I like happy conversations and would love to see more of them, in everyday situations and on social media.
I also would like to have another, similar superpower and that is to spread positivity and happiness. I would like to be able to give people a festive and cheerful mood just by snapping my fingers. I think this would make the world a better place. I want to be able to cut through negative spirals and turn them around to make them positive and wonderful. If I'm a superhero I can make people's lives so much better. I love Care Bears and what they are standing for. Once a friend gave me a little sunshine bear because she thought it resembled my character. That was such a great compliment, it made me more aware and I realized it's an important part of my personality I should never lose. Sometimes I need a little reminder and then I think about that little bear. I don't see myself as an actual bear though, hence the superwoman alteration.
Maybe you think this is a strange way to see the world, but it feels right to me. Even though I can't make someone happy by snapping my fingers, make every hurt go away and stop bullying just because I appear, I still want to try to make things as nice as possible. Even without wings, a cape or a super tight costume I'm trying to be as positive and upbeat as I can be. If I spread the word maybe people will join me. It's everything I can do, which is a little bit better than just dreaming about having fantastic kick-ass powers that will make everything better in an instant. If only...

--- Suzanne ---


  1. I think that's a wonderful way to see the world, and an admirable way to feel. From what I've seen, you do make a lot of people feel happy and positive, and although the ways you do it involve much more than just snapping your fingers, I'm sure that makes people appreciate you all the more. x

  2. i never wanted to be a super hero because then i would be responsible for the existence of a super villain ( not hero without villain) but i think that we don't need super power to be able to make a difference and make someone happy, a simple word or a simple gesture have more powers than magical one^^

  3. I think you have such an amazing attitude to life. Being happy and saying nice things always brightens up someone's day.


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