Oct 24, 2014


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I keep wondering why there are people who never learn from history. A book genre people looked down upon ended up becoming increasingly popular several times throughout the past couple of centuries. These days we have access to much more information, but it doesn't prevent people from being ignorant and from making the same mistakes over and over again. Still genres are being labeled as inferior. The world population keeps increasing and with that the numbers of readers. There are so many good books, it's hard to choose sometimes. I think it's great that the choice is plentiful as it means there's something for everyone. There are quite a few people who don't agree with me about that though.
I'm a firm believer of letting people enjoy the things they love as long as they aren't against the law. When it comes to books that means we're allowed to read almost anything. There are people who think things should be different. They try to make others ashamed of what they read. When I read that someone hid the cover of her book behind a newspaper when she traveled by public transport, because she felt embarrassed about the chick lit book she was reading, I felt sad. Then not long afterwards I read once more about schools and teachers forbidding their pupils to read a certain type of book. I read the books in question and they were perfectly innocent and a lot of fun. It's astonishing, but that is exactly what seems to be the problem. Why is it it so bad to enjoy the books you're reading? Shouldn't we teach children that reading is fun? Is it good to label certain genres as unfit and inferior? Who decides that? And why are people accepting these opinions? I think it's wrong to associate reading with guilt as a child ends up feeling torn inside. Who wants to keep reading when they are constantly ridiculed and punished for the books of their choice? If it happens often and long enough they start to resent books instead and the wonderful world of stories will be lost on them forever.
When I was a child I got bored pretty easily and when that happened I always grabbed a book to read. I took what was available and had the chance to read a lot of great stories because of it. When in high school my teachers gave me compulsory reading material that was so dull I almost fell asleep I kept on reading regardless, but I knew others gave up and maybe I should have done that as well. When I look back at it I'm wondering why they wanted me and the other children in my class to read something so complex and difficult we clearly weren't ready for? Why didn't they choose something that we would love? What is wrong with something that's nice to read? I still don't understand it.
 It took me years to find back the joy in reading. When it happened I was a student, I studied Literature, but I didn't want to limit myself to what my teachers offered. I once more picked up everything I could get my hands on because I was curious. I didn't want to limit myself to a certain genre, I read something because I thought it would give me the precious gift of a good story. I wanted to know why certain books became a bestsellers. I kept asking myself the same question, what made these books such a success? Every time my answer was the same, people liked to read these books, they enjoyed them. Why are there people who keep looking down at a lot of these books then, as clearly those authors have done something right instead of wrong? Is it so bad to read for fun? I don't think it is, but I know there are people who don't or won't agree with me.
I've learned from every story I read. There's always knowledge to be gained. Reading something is so much better than reading nothing. I would encourage everyone to read. I don't want to be laughed at because I like comic books, romance novels, fantasy or chick lit. I've read some of the most fabulous books written by authors of these genres. I would never make fun of someone else because of what they read. I usually want to find out what's so fascinating, because I want to find out for myself instead. I wish more people would think that way. For me reading and happiness go hand in hand. My dream is that one day everyone will see it like that. 


  1. This post is beautiful and so true! <3

  2. Beautiful post xx

  3. Awesome post! :3 Seriously, we have to talk about it, freedom to read what we want = always :3

  4. What a great post. I remember hating some books from school. I was very aware of it when teaching. Books are to be enjoyed and freedom to choose is important.

  5. Fantastic post! I totally agree with you and you have explained it beautifully! xx


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