Oct 5, 2014

Sweet Occasions by Linn B Halton

~~~Shortlisted in the UK's Festival of Romantic Fiction reader's award 'Best Author Published' category~~~
Katie's relationship has had more than its fair share of problems. After a difficult few years things begin to pick up and Katie finally realises her dream of opening up a bakery. Sweet Occasions specialises in novelty and celebration cakes, plus the most inspiring range of cupcakes anyone could possibly ask for!

Utilising her passion and skill helps to inject happiness back into her life, but it's short-lived as things begin to fall apart. The reality is that you need to run a business with your heart AND your head. Help is at hand in the shape of her partner, Steve. He has the necessary experience, but does Katie want to tie herself to him financially, as well as personally?

Then one rainy, wintry day a bedraggled customer steps inside the door to order a cake ...

Sometimes a turning point centres around one single moment in time: sometimes it takes two Christmases and three birthdays ...

A heart-warming story that deals with many of life's most difficult issues: being a single dad when a relationship falls apart, the impact of life-changing illness, dealing with the loss of a loved one ... and the search for a soul mate.
 Katie has her own bakery which used to be a dream come true, but with her boyfriend's nagging about business opportunities and expansions it doesn't feel like the happy place it used to be any more. She doesn't like Steve the way he is now and things at home keep getting more tense. He wants to help her with her business, but that means she will depend on him financially, is that really what she wants? When Adam enters her shop to buy a cake for his grandmother something inside her changes. They immediately have a click and Adam is in love with Katie's beautiful and delicious cakes. The same goes for his wonderful daughter, who can't stop talking about Katie's beautiful princess cake. Adam is a single dad and is struggling to find love again after his divorce. Will Katie and Adam find happiness again or do they have to learn to be happy with what's available instead of what they really want?
Sweet Occasion is a sweet story. Katie makes the most beautiful cakes. She's talented, creative and unbelievably kind. Too kind to stand up for herself when she needs to. Steve isn't the kind and cheerful guy he used to be and his career is his number one goal in life. For Katie it's being happy and content while she's surrounded by the people she loves. She doesn't care about making a lot of money as long as she does what she likes. I loved that about her. Adam is just as caring and loving as Katie. I liked that Linn B Halton told her story from both angles. It was great to find out more about their lives. Sweet Occasions is a fun read. What I liked best about it is that the story made me feel something. I wanted to shout and stand up for both of these amazing people from time to time and the story felt so real. I think most people would have acted like Adam and Katie did in this story in real life. Last, but not least, the tiny spark of magic made the story complete for me.   


  1. Margaret Bonass MaddenOctober 5, 2014 at 11:52 PM

    Really love this cover, and it sounds like a great read :)

  2. Thank you, Margaret and mega thanks to Lavender ... for a scrumptious review ha! ha! We all need a tiny spark of magic sometimes, and I'm thrilled you found it in Sweet Occasions. I so miss these characters, there were times when I wanted to wade in and make things happen, but it was their story and not mine. Characters do tend to take you where they want to go, rather than the other way around! You've made my day - despite the pouring rain and gusting wind! Lxx

  3. I wish each copy could come with a free cupcake, Tanya - now wouldn't that be something ha! ha!

  4. I'm glad you like the review, thanks so much for your nice comment. I like the characters a lot and I can imagine you miss them! Letting them take the lead is a great way to write a story and it works very well too... x

  5. Ah, thanks! Some times they can get out of hand though ... but it's always fun. Lx


  6. Mmm now that does sound good x

  7. This sounds really good! I can't wait to read it!


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