Oct 1, 2014

My Sort-of, Kind-of Hero by Emily Harper & Giveaway

Etty Lawrence is a bestselling romance author. At least− she would be if she could just get someone to read her books. Apparently, Amazon doesn’t consider the 500 books purchased by your mother to be ‘bestseller’ material.
When Etty’s given some simple advice from a friend − write what you know − she takes it to heart. But she’s never been in love before, and she doesn’t really have time to fall in love and write a novel at the same time. So, she convinces her slightly unwilling lifelong friend, Travis, to let her follow him around and witness real love, first hand. A third person memoir, if you will. Travis is the perfect hero for her story: he’s funny, smart, and good looking; only there’s one problem. He says all the wrong things. Does any girl really want to talk about the NHL trades? And his jokes would make a kindergarten class roll their eyes.
But the worst part is, Travis’s dates laugh at his corny jokes; the jokes he told Etty first. They touch his sweater; the sweater Etty bought him. And the way these women swoon and gush over him…they obviously aren’t leading lady material.
Now Etty has to take this love thing into her own hands if she has any hope of writing a bestseller that people other than her mother will buy. 


Etty writes historical romance. She's written several books already, but so far she hasn't got many readers and she's still looking for an agent and a publisher. In the meantime she's working in a comic book store. Because her writing career doesn't seem to go anywhere she's going to try something different for her next book. She asks her best friend Travis if she can follow him to documents his love life and she wants to accompany him on his dates. Etty's sure he will find true love and she wants to see it happening, so she can write about it. Travis is the only hero she wants for her novel. He's handsome, he's smart and he's got a great sense of humor. The first date isn't much of a success and Etty interferes several times while she's supposed to watch and pretend she isn't there. She thinks Travis is making mistakes and she doesn't like the girl very much. Will the next date go any better and will Etty be able to write her book?  
Etty is funny, kind and she has the most creative and original ideas. I loved the tone of voice of this book. It put a smile on my face the entire time I was reading. This is a terrific love story and it's quite unique, which is something I really liked. I'm a big fan of Emily Harper. She has such a great style and she has the amazing ability to make every single page of the book really enjoyable. I didn't stop reading until I finished the story and it was definitely a happy sitting. There's one scene in particular that I liked a lot. Etty has done something special for her brother's birthday. It's such a generous thing only she would think of and I loved the idea. Everybody should have someone like Etty in their lives. She's absolutely wonderful and her witty comments made me laugh out loud several times. I think Emily Harper is a very talented writer and I can't wait to read more of her books.  

You can win a copy of this book by entering the rafflecopter below. If you aren't the winner I strongly advise you to buy the book!

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