Oct 4, 2014

My Etsy Favorites

These little book necklaces from My Mini Munchies are so cute. I've bought one and can't wait to receive it.

I would love to own all of these bookmarks. They are stunning! 

I'm in love with the leaf jewelry made by SilvanArts. It looks so pretty!

 This ring made by HoKiou is perfect for Halloween! 

 BrotherWorks is a great shop filled with little books and I like all of them!

I hope you liked looking at this week Etsy favorites. This is just a selection as the list of things I've added this week is huge. I will show you more of my discoveries very soon.


  1. the leaves jewellery are fabulous so elegant i love! ( and since i collect bookmark^^ of course i wouldn't mind some of those;) )

  2. Thank you, I love bookmarks as well. You can never have too many of them right?

  3. never^^ it's also a reason why i love creating some i know it can always be of use for real books lovers^^


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