Oct 11, 2014


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I've always loved mail. Ever since the big sister of a friend gave me some stationery when I was 9 years old I wanted to write letters. At first I wrote letters to my family. I've corresponded with my grandparents for years. I also had a penpal, a girl who was about the same age. We met when we were both on holiday in Switzerland. Unfortunately we didn't stay in touch, but writing and receiving those letters opened a whole new world for me. Since that moment I've always had penpals. Even though life gets in the way sometimes I try to stay in touch with the ones who have become dear friends. Over the years I've met quite a few of them in person. I'm really lucky, because now I have a few close friendships with people who don't live in the same city or sometimes not even in the same country. I've met my best friend through penpalling. We've been friends for almost 15 years now, so soon we have something to celebrate.
I initially started my #happymail project to get back into sending mail after I had to take a break for a few months. It's different from penpalling, but because of it I again meet a lot of great people. I'm grateful for that. Today I packed a lot of envelopes and it was such a nice thing to do. There are quite a few ways to send snail mail. Some are just basic and then it's only the content that matters. Others vary in looks and size. There are so many ways to be creative with mail. From sending a nice poem to creating mail art. It's all fun to do and I've tried a lot of things. I still want to broaden my horizons and am planning on sending as much fun and wonderful mail as possible. If it makes someone else's day it makes my day as well.

--- Suzanne ---


  1. What a lovely post. Sian and Ffion were making things for happy mail today. They want to send some things to their cousins in Ireland. Also cousins up the road. It's lovely to get mail. Their fave was such a picture when they got some xx

  2. I've had lots of pen-pals too over the years though the letter writing slowly ceased after my student days. I kept in touch with only two of my writing buddies, but contact broke off too after a while. While my letter writing days are now apparently over, I recently I reactivated my Postcrossing account so my mailbox will be filled with fun mail (funner than junk mail and bills) now. Plus, it is so exciting sending cards all over the world too. Here's to your #happymail project! :-)

  3. You are such a sweetheart! You are amazing just the way you are! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. It's always good to read about mail <3

  5. I think your happymail project is a lovely idea and very kind and something that makes someone else's day happier :)

  6. What a lovely post and such a thoughtful generous idea. I love receiving nice mail, the #happymail I received from you really made me smile and it will keep making me smile when I use my lovely bookmarks. Thank you so much. Amanda.


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