Oct 3, 2014

Lots of new books!

Because I've changed my review policy and am now buying all of my books again I thought it would be nice to treat myself. I've bought all of these books in the last few days. I've asked for advice on twitter and some of my friend have recommended me books as well. I can't wait to start reading and hope I will find the time for all of these new additions to my kindle library very soon.


  1. So pretty :D I want to go and buy some books now. Sigh. I don't have ANY money,hehe

  2. Which one do you intend to read first? XD And I wanna know what you think of Shugo Chara ... sounds so good (was not published here, so, sadly, rarely I read manga that were not published here because importing them... expensive) =S This October I am gonna make it the manga month - so that I catch up with a lot of manga series I have and have not read yet ;)

    I will be reading Puella Magi Madoka Magica, which is about mahout shoujo (magical girls) like Shugo Chara, but darker... then I tell you what I think of it (watched the anime already, but when I like a story that much, I read the book/manga - and sometimes they are different... I was told PMMM is different in the manga... let's see xD So wanna check your reviews, especially this of the manga xD (And Poppy-gorgeous-cover-book ;))

  3. Asheley (BookwormAsheley)October 3, 2014 at 3:41 PM

    OH WOW! Lots of pretty covers! I spy a Jennifer Brown book on your list - I've only read ONE of hers but 1) I LOVED IT and want to read more and 2) she is ALWAYS recommended to me as a great contemporary author. Plus I LOVE her book covers because they are simple with big block letters. Hope you enjoy the books you got! (:

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