Oct 28, 2014

Lavender Likes Audrey Pink Style!

I love Audrey Pink Style. It's a great shop filled with very cute items. Everything is kawaii and it all looks pretty!

Audrey is from Italy. She loves kawaii and she makes both polymer clay items and plushies. 

These gingerbread dolls are adorable. Their faces are really sweet. I would love to have them all!

Audrey's earrings are stunning. I like the fact that they consist of two different parts. The pairs are matching because the figures on the left and the right have a connection. That makes them both original and even more appealing.

Audrey loves soft materials and colorful clay. Everything she makes has a high level of cuteness. In my opinion it all looks perfect. Even the tiniest detail is right and that is what I like best about the things she makes.

Audrey would love it if you could check out her shop. It's time to do some advance Christmas shopping and you will find a lot of wonderful things in her store. There's a discount code you can use which is especially for my readers.

 Code: PROMO1
Minimum order: 15,00 €
Deadline: November 30, 2014

Enjoy shopping! And if you like Audrey's shop, could you please support her by liking her Facebook page?



  1. Such adorable stuff!

  2. Those Gingerbread Girl necklaces are soo adorable.

  3. I love the hedgehogs and gingerbread girls! My username is hedgehogi in most places!


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