Oct 30, 2014

Hush by Anne Frasier

What's your greatest fear?

It's criminal profiler Ivy Dunlap's job to unravel the psyches of the most dangerous men alive. None haunts her dreams more than the killer who took her son's life sixteen years ago, then silently disappeared into the dark. Now an urgent request for help from the Chicago police has reawakened Ivy's greatest nightmare. The Madonna Murderer has returned to fulfill his calling. This time Ivy understands the killer and will face her greatest fear to stop him from killing again.


When Ivy gets the phone call she's been waiting for for many years it means that she has to go back to the United States, to Chicago. She's a criminal expert and the police need her help to solve a difficult case. The Madonna Murderer is back. At first Max isn't happy with Ivy's assistance. He's a good detective and he doesn't want to take anyone by the hand while he has so much work to do. When he finds out who she really is his opinion about her changes drastically. Together they go after the killer. He's smart, he doesn't leave any traces and he keeps killing innocent single mothers and their babies. It has to stop and Ivy's understanding of his character and personality is probably the only advantage they have. She has to use it well, but that also means she's taking dangerous risks...
In Hush the reader sees the story from different points of view. I admire the fact that it was never chaotic. In this story it actually worked rather well. I got to know both Ivy and Max, plus some other members of the police force and Max's son. Every situation has more than one side and it was great to read about all of them. The Madonna Murderer is such a creepy guy and it was sometimes uncomfortable to get to know more about him. Which is exactly how it should be, it made the story gripping and it constantly kept me on the edge of my seat. It's clear who has committed the murders as the murderer has his own voice. The tension is in the when, the where and the how. I kept wanting to protect all the good guys. I sometimes even forgot to breathe while I was reading. The cover does the book justice, I think it's eerily beautiful. If you like thrillers about serial killers Hush would definitely be the book for you. I've read quite a few and I think Hush is one of the best.


  1. Gives me chills just thinking about it. I think I'd be really emotional with this one, especially considering who the targets are. Great review! Thanks for stopping by too! :)

  2. It was indeed quite horrible, you need a strong stomach for such books...

  3. Which is why I stay away from horror so much. Thanks! :)

  4. I really need to read this. I kinda stopped reading and/or watching horror after having kids but I need to read this.

  5. I like the sound of this one b


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