Oct 12, 2014

Here's To You, Rachel Robinson by Judy Blume

Rachel is the youngest in a family of high-achievers. She's also the cleverest. But it's not easy being super-intelligent - especially when her errant older brother insists on disturbing the peace and undermining everything she ever says or does. And her best friends seem to be falling for his charming veneer.


Rachel is a child prodigy. She's the youngest of three children and achievements are important in her family. Rachel is the smartest one at home, which makes her feel extremely pressured. Everyone is expecting so much of her and it means she has to do a lot of extra activities, because people think she'll be good at them. It's a compliment, but all of this is making Rachel feel stressed and tense as well. When her brother comes home from boarding school her worries increase. Her friends seem to love him and there's nobody she can talk to about her anxiety, she's especially scared when he's making fun of her as she has no idea how to handle the situation. Is her brother really a bad person or is he just different?
Rachel is such a serious girl. There isn't much room in her life for fun. She can't seem to loosen up. I felt so sorry for this girl as she had so much potential, but she couldn't enjoy it. Here's To You Rachel Robinson made me think about gifted children and what's often being expected of them. Being talented and special seems to be what everybody wants. This book shows in a beautiful way how it is when you have the gifts that so many people desire to have. It isn't an easy life and Rachel has to learn how to choose at a very young age. She also has to learn how to solve her own problems and how to make things easier for herself. That is a lot for someone that young and she made me feel proud. I loved this book, it's very insightful and I think the story might be helpful for children who are in the same situation as Rachel.

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  1. I love this book and the one that came before it, Just as Long as We're Together. I keep hoping Judy Blume writes Alison's story so we get a 3rd book


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