Oct 20, 2014

Gingerbread for Rebecca

Steph's Keepsakes

I love browsing Etsy and it's fun to write a shopping post for someone. This time I've made a selection of gingerbread items for Rebecca. It isn't even really the season yet, but I've managed to find a lot of really cute ones.

Steph's Keepsakes
Funky Friends Factory
Todi Boutique
Barking Zebra Designs
Tenere Delizie
Kater's Acres
Hummingbird Miniature
The Button Room
Laura Dee Designs
By Brenda's Hand
Shay Aaron


  1. Gorgeous as always. Love the jewellery. Don't think we have a gingerbread style decoration. Will have to look this year x

  2. I have several as we went to the Alsace around Christmas time a few times and there they have a gingerbread shop where they sell decorations. They're really pretty and not expensive, so we've got quite a few :). Next time I go I'll bring you some.

  3. OK, You have like the best taste in things ever. I need you to Christmas shop for me because you know me without knowing me.


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