Oct 19, 2014

Getting to Know Simona: My Love for Music

Simona has written a fantastic guest post for me. I asked her what her passions are besides reading 
 books. I knew something about her music already and know she has a great voice. I'm so happy she's sharing her experiences with my readers now. Her story is fantastic and I loved reading more about her life and her performances. I think it's amazing to be so talented and share it with as many people as possible. Simona is such                                 a talented lady and I'm glad I've met her. Enjoy!                                       
My Love for Music
Yes, I’m an avid reader and a huge bookworm. Reading is the thing I

love, the thing that makes me feel great and happy. The other thing

I’m really passionate about is MUSIC.

Music has various meanings and connections for me. Let’s start with

dancing. I started my ballet lessons when I was about five years old.

The ballet changed into Modern dance, into Modern Jazz, to Jazz and

then finally Hip Hop. I was at a local Dance school and had training

every week until I was 19. I love dancing! Moving tot he rhythm and

just letting go...what a great feeling.

When I was 9 years old I started taking piano lessons and I still play

now. Nowadays I love just taking a song and its cords and then sing it

as well. I think it’s a wonderful way to express feelings. I started the

singing when I started High School. I joined the school choir called

Vocal Joy and sang in this choir four years. With that I also started

taking voice lessons, which really helped me a lot. In my third High

School year we performed the Musical „Linie 1“. It’s a German one and

I must say I really enjoyed it.

Well, as soon as I finished High School I joined my mother’s choir. I just

couldn’t cope without being in a choir. We had a concert under the

theme of Cinema Classics. It was awesome; we sang great songs out of

awesome movies. Now It’s my fifth year in the choir already and I’m

really enjoying it. One of the best experiences of my choir past was the

World Choir Games in Riga last July. Competing against other choirs,

singing together and meeting people from all over the world, such an

amazing experience.

I’m a big Musical fan and it happens that I’m also a member of a

theatre group. We mostly perform musicals or plays. The musical

to me is the perfect combination: Singing, dancing and acting!!! I

performed Oliver! And The Sound of Music with them and it has been

an unforgettable experience. 

I love singing and also playing the piano while I sing, I really feel it’s a

great way to express my emotions and myself. The lyrics give me the

possibility to say what I want, in a great and different way. I started

writing my own songs, which I find really challenging. One song is

finished; it's called Just A Dream. I’m working on some cover songs at

the moment, hoping to put them on YouTube soon. 

Another part of my singing love is karaoke! I love going out with my

friends and sing songs like “Mamma Mia” or “I’m so excited!”

A life without music, wouldn’t be possible for me... Also only listening

to music is part of my everyday life and I wouldn’t want to miss it for

the world.

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  1. Wow your very talented. I can't sing at all. I joined my comprehensive choir and paid to go to Austria with them. One of the teachers wanted a young person for a duet so we all had to try!!! The teacher told me infrint of everyone to mine from then on!!!


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