Oct 12, 2014

Getting To Know My Friends: Tanya Loves Caravanning

Suzanne asked me to write something for her blog. I thought hard about this and I thought about the fact that many of us are friends via twitter and Facebook but really don’t know much about each other, other than that brief description we put about ourselves.
Mine says I love reading, caravanning and formula one. Mum of two beautiful girls with one fab hubby. Well as most have you have discovered I can chat for Wales about books and am just starting to review for other blogs. You have probably noticed my posts about Formula one on a race weekend. Therefore that only leaves caravanning or my girls and hubby. And as any mum or happily married person knows you can talk for ever about your children and hubby but that would be boring for you. Saying that maybe hearing about caravanning is boring too, in that case sorry. So caravanning what can I say other than we love it. We first had a folding camper (posher trailer tent) about 13 years ago whilst I was pregnant with our first. Greg talked me into it as he could remember great camping holidays as a child. I was not so keen my memory or camping holidays was someone dropping off the family and all the equipment at a campsite. Whilst there I had an upset stomach and it was a long way to the toilet especially when it was thunder and lightning.
With trepidation I went on my first camping holiday with Greg it was amazing, even though he refused in the middle of the night to go and get me Garlic Mushrooms and ice-cream to ease my craving!!! When Sian was 4 months old we took her for the first time and I have to say it was fantastic. She didn’t wake at night and neighbours didn’t even know we had a baby. After that we upgraded to a caravan and we use it a lot. We tour with it and have even taken it to Germany stopping in Bruges and Calais for a few days on the way back. Resulting in a massive weight gain all-round, let’s just say we bought enough sausages, beer, chocolate and wine home to last a few months.
Now both of our parents caravan and we have introduced it to a few friends too. There is nothing like sitting outside your van for breakfast and playing cards and drinking wine as the sun goes down with a group of like-minded people.
How do you like to spend your holidays or weekends away?

----- Tanya ----

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  1. This sounds really lovely Tanya! :-) I would definitely consider a caravan or camper when I'd have kids because they can have so much fun on a camping trips. As much as I love discovering cities and enjoy the beach, kids don't need that stuff to have a good time. When I was younger we would throw the tent in the back of the car and just see where we would end up. That was so nice and adventurous. I've got some good memories of camping!


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