Oct 26, 2014


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Ever since I was a little girl and read my first fairytale I've been intrigued by these peculiar and inventive stories. I still read them from time to time, I'm actually reading one right now. I love magic in stories. That's the most fantastic thing about them, because they don't have to be real they can be anything. It's what I like so much about fiction, the possibilities are endless. It keeps amazing me that the most wonderful things can come out of combinations of words. For me that is the most magical thing there is and the possibilities are endless.
In a fairytale good usually wins from evil. The journey is never an easy one, which resembles real life. Don't we all wish to have special powers from time to time? The best thing is that on paper we can give our heroes and heroines the tools that we miss. It is necessary to teach the villains a lesson. Sometimes we can't beat our own bad guys, which is maybe why I like fairytales so much. With a great trick or help from someone special or sometimes just by being good the situation always results in a happy ending. Aren't they the best? 
Real life is no fairytale. Sometimes it's a good thing too, as definitely not all elements of the stories appeal to me. I can live a perfectly happy life without running into a giant, an evil monster or a witch who could change me into a bird or a waterlily. There are some pretty magical elements in every day situations though. The most important one for me is love. Romantic evenings, beautiful weddings, perfect holidays and an unexpected act of kindness from someone who's close to you can all be like a fairytale. The connection is love. I think love conquers all. There's nothing more important in life than love. I don't mean only the love from a partner, but also from good friends, family or sometimes people you don't know very well at all. 
I'm a romantic person at heart, which is probably why I don't want to be all grown up. I like it that there's still a child in me. One that loves tiaras, pretty wings and cute dresses, but also one that can't get enough of amazing stories. I will always keep reading them and will try never to lose the tiny spark of magic that's so important in my life.

-- Suzanne --


  1. What a lovely post. I love reading fairy tales to the girls.

  2. I never grew up and I'm so grateful that I still believe in magic. I love fairy tales!

  3. I think this is why I love fairy tale retellings!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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