Oct 9, 2014

Dragonskin Slippers by Jessica Day George

Fifteen-year-old Creel is floored when her aunt suggests they sacrifice her to a dragon to attract the attention of a marriageable knight. But when the dragon appears, Creel bargains for her life - and ends up with an unusual pair of blue slippers. It's not until the slippers are stolen by a princess that Creel learns a terrible truth: the slippers are made from the hide of a dragon queen, and enable the wearer to control all the dragons in the land. Now under the command of the princess, who is eager to start a war, the dragons begin to attack the city. Creel must join forces with the king's son and others to break the slippers' hold before the princess and the dragons destroy the city - or before the king's archers kill the dragons - whichever comes first.

Creel's parents have passed away. Her family wants to take care of her brother, because he's useful on the farm, but her aunt doesn't believe that she's got anything to contribute. Instead she gives Creel to a dragon in the hope that she will attract a handsome nobleman brave enough to rescue her. Fortunately Creel can take care of herself very well. She leaves the cave of the dragon very much alive with a new pair of slippers. She's determined to make it to the capital where she wants to look for work as an embroiderer. First she makes a detour as she befriends a dragon named Shardas. When she leaves him he tells her she can always call him. Creel finds a job in the city and soon she's making new friends. The trouble starts when somebody steals her slippers. Creel discovers they aren't normal slippers, there's something very special about them that some nasty, powerful people can use very well. Will she be able to get them back and prevent a disaster from happening?
The Dragonskin Slippers is the first book of an amazing trilogy. Creel is kind, intelligent and brave. She's a perfect heroine. She's also creative and inventive. She finds a way out of every dire situation. I loved that Jessica Day George managed to combine the very feminine side of Creel with the fierce and tough side of her. Creel makes beautiful dresses with intricate embroidery patterns and she battles her enemies together with the dragons. She flies on a dragon's back regularly and she's quite fearless. In the meantime she also manages to befriend a prince. Creel is awesome and the same goes for the dragons. I enjoyed reading this book so much. The friendships are special and the story is magical, they are making Dragonskin Slippers truly amazing!

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