Oct 15, 2014

Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George

Humans and dragons are finally at peace, and Creel is busy planning her wedding to Prince Luka. Then dragon queen, Velika, is kidnapped by rogue dragons in need of their own queen . . . Creel and Luka join Shardas, King of the Dragons, on a journey to the land of the dark forests to save their friend. Can they stop the kidnappers from imprisoning Velika for ever? And will Creel get her dream wedding after all? Funny, heartfelt and action-packed, new readers and returning fans alike will dive headlong into this wonderful dragon-filled adventure.


Creel has been looking forward to visiting Shardas and the other dragons on their island. Now that humans and dragons are no longer allowed to live together they seem to be happy and in peace. Creel, Luka and Hagen are spending some time with the dragons and Creel is feeling like she's finally back with her family. Her brother Hagen loves being among the dragons and he tries to learn as much from them as possible. Creel and Luka can be together without the suffocation of the court and Creel's aunt. Creel has also brought her wedding dress to finish the embroidery. Things are going well until someone kidnaps Velika, the queen of the dragons. Will Creel and her friends be able to free the pregnant Velika? And what about the dress and the wedding, is everything going to be all right in the end?
In this last book of the Dragon Slippers trilogy Creel and her friends are finding themselves on unknown territory again. They need to be smart and united to be able to have a chance in this last challenge. Creel is as fierce as ever. She's a loyal friend who's bold and inventive. This series has made me love the friendly and wise dragons even more. What I liked about this book is that the reader gets to see more of Hagen. Luka and Creel are a great team and I was happy to read more about them as a couple. Jessica Day George has created an amazing world with fabulous main characters. Creel has been so perfectly portrayed and described which in my opinion is the great strength of these novels. I will miss her and her stories and will definitely read this trilogy again.

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