Oct 22, 2014

Don't Tell the Wedding Planner by Aimee Carson

The craziest wedding…
Bespoke wedding planner Callie Labeau has a reputation for embracing the crazy. The weirder the concept, the wilder the party, right? And her love of all things OTT is about to be tested—because the cyber-geek wedding Matt Passmore has asked her to organize for his brother sounds insane.

…the wildest time planning it!
E.R. doctor Matt has come to New Orleans to lock down the plans. And working with the gorgeous Callie is just an added bonus! But with the city engulfed in a heat wave, the chemistry between them is getting more scorching by the day…and proving to be one seriously big distraction!


Callie is a successful wedding planner. When Matt wants to arrange the perfect wedding for his brother he knows who he should ask. That's why he's flying all the way to New Orleans to discuss his plans with her. He's asking her to pull off the impossible. She says yes, but there is a condition and that is that he needs to be there to make some of the bigger decisions. Matt is worried about his brother and his protective nature prevents him from doing the things he wants to do in life. Callie has made one single mistake and is still trying to make up for it many years later. Slowly they're becoming more than just the wedding planner and her client. What is it that they're sharing exactly?
Don't Tell the Wedding Planner is a quick and fun read. There's a lot of chemistry between the two main characters. There are several sexy scenes and they were tastefully described. Even though this is supposed to be a light and easy romance there was some depth in this story. Something I hadn't expected at all. It was a very nice surprise. Nothing is simple and the main characters often have to step out of their comfort zone to keep up with the fast pace their lives have changed into, all because of one event. There's quite a bit of wedding talk in this book and it's all original. The weddings are themed and I liked the way they were described. This book is a great choice when you're looking for a nice read to brighten up a cold winter evening.


  1. Great review, It really is a great book to read :) xx

  2. kirstymariejonesstudioreadsOctober 23, 2014 at 5:41 PM

    This sounds like fun! And I love that they have really good chemistry, since it makes it all that much more fun and sexy. ;) And glad they were tastefully done (I'm a little out of my comfort zone there, I don't mind sex in my books, but since I mainly read YA, you don't get it that much, so when I'm reading one that isn't YA I always kind of forget and then get thrown when there's one, haha.) Glad you enjoyed it! :)


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