Oct 5, 2014

Dinabijushop's beautiful illustrations!

Today I want to tell you a bit more about Dinabijushop. In this shop you can find such cute brooches. As I wanted to know the story behind them I asked the sellers, Natalya and Dmitry, if they could tell me something more about the shop.

 I am inspired by the illustrations of the artists with whom we work. We're working together with several artists, some have just started and some are well known illustrators. They all have different styles, but at the same time represent a very warm inner peace. The artists are from Russia and from Ukraine.
When artists draw new illustrations, they show them to us and we are pleased to bring them to life in the form of brooches and magnets. We work with wonderful, talented people: Kseniya Kovalenko (Ukraine), Alena Baranova (Ukraine), creative Union DADA (Ukraine), Inga Paltser (Russia), Vladstudio (Russia), Anna Tsukanova (Russia) and many more new insanely talented artists

I really like the idea that they're using these beautiful illustrations for brooches and magnets. Because of their Etsy shop Natalya and Dmitry are showing them to people all over the world. I love the designs. The drawings are wonderful.

  If you want to buy something from this shop, the postal services in the Ukraine are working as usual. I've focused on the brooches as they're absolutely stunning! Natalya and Dmitry also sell lovely magnets in another Etsy shop. Check them out and enjoy the great illustrations.


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