Oct 18, 2014

Coming Home to You by Liesel Schmidt & Giveaway

When one door closes…
Zoë and her fiancé Paul had everything ahead of them. So when Paul dies suddenly, Zoë doesn’t recognise the life she’s left with. Helping a friend by housesitting for a stranger is the last thing she wants to do – but she can’t deny that she needs time away from the memories which crowd her flat. So, collecting the keys, Zoë lets herself into her temporary home.…another one opens.
Surrounded by a stranger’s belongings – his toothbrush, his favourite records, the pictures on his walls – Zoë begins to build a picture of the flat’s owner, Neil, who is away in the military. Driven by a need to know more, Zoë begins writing to Neil and finds herself feeling an unlikely connection with him. But while some people are destined to share our lives forever, others are sent simply to help us on the way. And for Zoë, a new life is just beginning…


Zoë and Paul were engaged and they were very happy together. Zoë thought she had it all, until something horrible happened. When Paul dies she is heartbroken and she lives like a zombie. Because her friends Kate and Ray think it's time to make some changes so Zoë can start to heal, she agrees to move out of her apartment to escape the sad memories that are around her all the time. Ray asks her to watch the house of his friend Neil who is abroad for several months. Zoë moves into Neil's house and slowly she starts to feel a connection with the owner. She writes him letters. After a while she starts to wonder why Neil hasn't contacted her yet and when he finally does, she's delighted. She likes him and he writes her back, so they start emailing regularly. Zoë is finally getting back on her feet and appreciates certain things in life again. She still misses Paul, but her grief is starting to become bearable.
Coming Home to You is a beautiful story about a young woman who loses her fiancé. Zoë has to heal and start over which isn't easy. I loved the fact that her friend Ray found her a home which was exactly what she needed. Friendship is so important and Zoë's friends do anything to help her. That was so good to see. Coming Home to You was filled with hope. It's a story about grief, but that doesn't mean it's sad all the time. There are many wonderful moments. I loved reading about Zoë's growth and her healing process. Each day she becomes a little bit stronger. There's a new future for her and it isn't what she expected, but she learns to embrace it and take the new chances she's been given. I liked that so much. Sometimes love surprises someone when they least expect it, which was another great aspect of this story. The ending wasn't what I thought it would be at all and it was the perfect finale of a wonderful story.

You can win a kindle copy of Coming Home to You together with a matching necklace made by It's All About The Print. This giveaway is international. Good luck!


  1. That book sounds amazing. The idea bought a rear to my eye x

  2. I've visited for 3-4 days, enjoyed the visit but I really wanted to get back to my own bed & routine. :)

  3. I have to say I prefer to have my own space.

  4. I've never stayed with anyone for a long period, only a few days to a week. I think that I'm a pretty easy guest.

  5. The book sounds fab and the prize is also fab as always with your giveaways! Thank you! :) x

  6. Margaret Bonass MaddenOctober 19, 2014 at 11:23 PM

    I am a real home bird and even when I was in hospital after big operation, I begged to be let home the next day (wasn't allowed).

  7. Carla *jen7waters*October 25, 2014 at 1:03 AM

    I need to sleep in my own bed at all costs. I've only slept in another bed for days in a row on vacations, and I hated it. Hotels or rented houses: hated it. I need my sheets, the sheets that have my smell and that I know are clean. Recently I went to a wedding and had to spend the night in one of the rooms they had at the guests disposal because it was too late and too far away to go home, and oh my god, the horror, I didn't sleep, only closed my eyes and waited for the sun to rise. And I did not cover myself with the blankets, or used a pillow. It was awful, but I recognise I'm a germ freak. A couple of friends who went with me had no problem sleeping there and using the stuff that was in the room.
    I've never stayed at someone else's house for a long period of time, and honestly I don't think I could, unless it was really, REALLY necessary.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    (carla c. on the raffle)


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