Oct 4, 2014

Celtic Love Knot by Angela Britnell

Can two tangled lives make a love knot?
Lanyon Tremayne is the outcast of his small Cornish village of St. Agnes. Susceptible to fits of temper and with a chequered past behind him, he could even be described as a bit of an ogre. But nobody knows the painful secret he hides.
Olivia Harding has learnt a thing or two about ogres. She’s a professor from Tennessee, specialising in Celtic mythology and has come to St. Agnes to research the legend of a Cornish giant – and to lay to rest a couple of painful secrets of her own.
But when Olivia meets the ruggedly handsome Lanyon, her trip to Cornwall looks set to become even more interesting. Will she get through to the man beneath the bad-tempered fa├žade, or is Lanyon fated to be the ‘ogre’ of St. Agnes forever? 


Olivia is staying in St. Agnes to do research. She's living in the UK for a few months, but is originally from Nashville where she works as a professor, her specialization is Celtic mythology. Via a friend Olivia meets Lanyon, who's the owner of Tremayne House. He's a dark and troubled man who doesn't like socializing. Something that's happened in his past is still bothering him and he can't let go. It's also the reason why he's an outcast in the village. Lanyon and Olivia keep meeting each other. It's clear there's a lot of mutual attraction, but as they are both struggling with the secrets of their past nothing is going right at all. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles or are their secrets keeping them apart?
Celtic Love Knots is a wonderful love story. I loved the setting, a beautiful Cornish village and a large house that needed to be taken care of. The main characters are both very smart. Olivia is a professor and Lanyon is a computer genius. I liked their background and the way they are thinking. Lanyon is dark and mysterious which is intriguing Olivia. He loves her hair and the way she can stand up for herself. Deep down she knows what she wants, but it isn't easy to get it when there are so many people who want her to be different. They have to fight to set themselves free and that process has been described very well. What I also love about this book is how the American has been mixed with the English. It has the charm of both. Celtic Love Knot is filled with mysteries and secrets and slowly they are being revealed. I wanted nothing more than to find out what happened. I'm glad I had the chance to read this book and recommend it to anyone who loves a good love story with plenty of twists.  


  1. Love Celtic things. Or wedding rings is part Celtic with the welsh feathers on it.

  2. I'm pleased you enjoyed 'Celtic Love Knot' and thanks for the kind review! It's a book that's special to me and I loved finding out more about Cornwall myself

  3. 'Celtic Love knot' sounds intriguing. A love story set in beautiful Cornwall - what could be better! I can't wait to read it.


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