Oct 8, 2014

Anniek's Review: Into the Blind by Helen Rena

Fifteen-year-old Ever is blind. Only able to see what her boyfriend, Fox, looks at, which is most often herself. But sometimes it's also the muscled men who kidnapped Ever and Fox, and sometimes it's an unused mall in New York City where the two teens are locked up until they'll come into the paranormal gifts for which they were stolen. Having spent years in this mall, Ever is ready to do anything to escape.

Not so with Fox. Yes, he longs to escape too, but there's one thing that he values above his freedom. It's Ever's love. Still, when the two get a chance to escape, they take it, only to discover that this chance is so dark and twisted that it just might destroy Ever's love for Fox.


When Suzanne asked me if I would do a bookreview for her I was stunned! I am very honored to write one. Her blog is going well and she is so good at reviewing books that I have a high standard role model to live up to, but of course I will give it a try. Here it is...my first book review (outside of highschool) ever!

What the story is about:
Kidnapped when they were babies and growing up together Ever, Fox, Sinna and Demi are like their own little family. In the time that this story is written all of the humans are born with special abilities. It can be a harmless one like a dancer (someone who has great feeling for rythm and dance) or a color (someone who can change it's haircolor every single day just by wanting to), but there are also special abilities that can really harm people. The gods can grow very big and muscular and are mostly used for security or kidnapping. A death can kill someone by touch. You could also be born like Ever, she is a heart. A heart is very rare and almost never born. She can make people feel anything she wants them to feel and in doing so she can make people do whatever she wants. That's why she has been kidnapped, sold and kept in captivity when she was a baby. The person in charge only has to wait until the teens will come into their powers.
Who are the four teens that are so special:

Ever is the most special one. She is a Heart which are very rare. She is blind and can only see through the eyes of others.

Fox is a fire. He is Ever's boyfriend. Ever is his everything and he would do anything for her. The last thing he wants is to let Ever become a heart because he thinks that all hearts are evil. He is very afraid of losing her.
Sinna is a nightmare. He can create the most terrible 'dreams'. He is in love with Demi and she's his girlfriend, but he also likes Ever very much. He wants everyone to come into their powers.
Demi is a death. Her touch can be deadly. So as you can understand, no one wants to make her angry...Demi is also very, very strong! Actually she is physically the only one who can stand up against the gods.
How does anyone know what kind of ability you are born with when they don't have the abilities right away? Every newborn will dream about what they are and the humans who have the abilities to come into other peoples dreams will watch and learn. The real question now is, Are they what they are being told? Or will they be whomever they are meant to be no matter what?

My thoughts:

What I liked about this story is that it's strange, but I do like my cup of strange! It kept me wondering all the way till the end what would happen next. I love the way Helen Rena thinks and how she took the time to make her characters come alive. You get to know them and get used to how they are thinking. The ending however, is a bit sudden. I like the story to build up to the ending and I don't want to be kicked into gear to speed to the last lines, but because of how well written the story is and how rare and strange, it's all forgiven. Into the Blind is twisted and dark, but it's also filled with love, the love they have for each other. If you like a story that has paranormal teens, action, love, some magic and which is making you think, then you will not be able to put this one down. Helen Rena did a great job creating this story and I really look forward to reading her next book!


  1. Great first book review well done. Look forward to some more x

  2. Anniek, thank you for your lovely review! And thank you, Suzanne! <3

  3. Great review, looks like a great book to read :) x


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