Oct 9, 2014

An Interview with zusnA! & a coupon code

I've written a post about Katarzyna's Etsy shop, zusnA, already and I loved the great ring she donated for my giveaway. Because I think her jewelry is intriguing and interesting I've interviewed her to ask her more about her shop.

1) Could you tell me how and why you started on Etsy?

A year ago I became a mother and I wanted to find some creative activity for myself. One day I was visiting etsy to find a perfect dandelion necklace. And I realized that maybe I could make such a necklace instead. The first one was without resin. I loved it, so I wanted more. I bought the resin and did some tests. The first thing I did with resin was a necklace with real dill. You can see it on this picture:

Then I used some dandelion seeds. After that I wanted to experiment with beetles. I hate insects but I love them in jewelry. The next picture shows my first two necklaces with beetles. I was so excited when I made this jewelry. The one on the right stayed with me.

 2) Could you tell me a bit more about the materials you use?

To make my jewelry I use dissected specimens of insects which are destined for collectors.
But some moths and ladybugs I found dead and dry in the attic.

3) Is there something you'd really like to make, but haven't made yet?

I would like to have more necklaces with spiders, but unfortunately I can't find a shop with dissected specimens of spiders in Poland. I wish to have one for myself too as I'm really afraid of them. Right now I've made for myself one necklace with beetle that looks a bit like spider. That's the one on the next picture. I like it very much.

Kartazyna has given me a discount code you can use when you buy something from her Etsy store:
20% off Coupon Code: LANEGAN
It expires on Dec 31, 2014

Have fun shopping!


  1. Wow, these are amazing and so creative! thank you for sharing.

  2. They are cool but i hate bugs of all sorts, now flowers I could handle.

  3. Thanks for the code xx


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