Oct 12, 2014

10 Facts about Suzanne

1) I have a huge kawaii letter set collection. I love anything cute, but stationery has always been my favorite.

2) I studied Literature and Book Marketing. I haven't got a degree, but did finish all the mandatory courses, wrote a thesis, etc.  before they decided to get rid of me. I love books and it was the perfect course for me. I enjoyed going to classes and I loved reading the books my professors suggested.

3) Last year I read more than 275 books. I didn't reach 300, but was really close. I still can't believe I read so much and almost all of the books had more than 300 pages. 

4) I love mint flavored ice cream, but I don't like peppermint tea. The warmer the mint gets the more I dislike it.

5) I taught myself how to read when I was 4 years old, because I wanted to read the Disney version of Peter Pan to my little brother. My love for books started at an early age, but I didn't own many books when I was a child, because there wasn't a decent book store in our village. I did go to the library and read every book in the classroom at school, but I'm glad I have access to thousands of books now, so I can catch up on what I missed.

6) I always wanted to be a writer. I started to write poetry when I was really young and writing my own books has always been my dream profession. My plan B was becoming a psychiatrist as I would have loved to study the human brain. 

7) I don't know how to describe the color of my eyes. Some say they're grayish blue, some say they're green. I honestly have no idea.

8) This isn't my first blog. It's the second. Many years ago I had a blog on Yahoo where I showed people my crafts. I love making things and am always torn between doing things with my hands and my head as I never seem to have enough time to do both.

9) This is the most important book in my life. The person who loved it so much that he made many children enthusiastic about it taught me a lot more things besides loving adventures and fantasy. He taught me to enjoy each good moment and to seize every day, to focus on the positive and to be the best person I can be. Unfortunately he passed away way too early, but his wisdom will never be forgotten.

10) I was 15 when my boyfriend told me he wanted to marry me. I'm still feeling very honored and amazed that he wanted to do that while I was still so young. I didn't marry him, but I am married. I fell in love with the love of my life just a few months later and we're still together.

----- Suzanne -----


  1. O_O this is a picture of your kawai letter? so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love stationary too but i have none that cute

  2. It's from kawaiishop Japan and it's still for sale. They reopen in December. I really miss the store now that it's closed. I buy a lot of stuff there.

  3. It's fantastic to know more about you. I love mint choc chip icecream too. Also lemon flavoured.

  4. Lemon and mint/chocolate ice cream are my faves as well! :)

  5. Such a lovely post! :) I love getting to know more about my lovely blogger family xxx


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