Sep 15, 2014

Somebody to Love Inspired Etsy Finds & Giveaway

The bunny on the cover of Somebody to Love is really cute and that inspired me to choose my favorite Etsy bunny listings. 

Jan Matson Art
Fuzzy Mug
The Magic Zoo
Elisa Shine
Art of the Moment

I'm giving away a copy of Somebody to Love together with this adorable pendant:

You can find This stunning necklace at Rabbit and Pear. Check out all of their jewelry, it's really pretty!


  1. i love birds because they represent freedom being able to fly!

  2. I really love cats and birds! I love hearing my finches chirp in the morning and also waking up to my cat laying between my legs <3

  3. Dogs! They are so loyal and loving.

  4. Dogs. Mine is a rescue dog and is so loving and loyal. I also love rabbits, had them since I was 6 months old, now 31 and my bunny's called barnaby

  5. my favorite animal is definitely a panda ! pandas are adorable because of their colors and ears

  6. My favorite animal is a cat because they're quiet and just too darn cute.

  7. It changes often, but I love rabbits and chinchillas. They're just so furry and cute!

  8. Cats they are so independent and loving

  9. Cats because they are loving,adorable,and loyal. I had a cat named Pumpkin who never left my side. She was the most loyal and loving pet I ever had. Sadly she died of liver problems last year.


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