Sep 15, 2014

Somebody to Love by Sheryl Browne

After that idiot of a husband ran off with that broomstick of a girl, single-mom Donna thinks there's no sunshine in her future. What she needs now is a hunk of a guy who loves her and her three-legged dog with no complications.

Solution? Call the police.

Mark is a single dad with two big worries – protect and serve, and his autistic son Karl. Desperately he wants someone who'll love him and his son without question and with no complications. He's been hurt before and Karl needs stability – not short dates. So he'll do anything for his kid – even lie to protect him.

Can these two get it together and get together? Is Mark the hunk Donna needs? Is Donna the rock Mark can lean on? If they look hard enough, they'll find Somebody to Love.


Donna is a single mother of a teenage son called Matt. His father is a horrible man who bullied his mother and he's unfortunately also not very good at keeping his promises towards his son. Fortunately Matt is nothing like him, he's more like his mother who is a kind and gentle person. When Donna meets policeman Mark she likes him immediately and the feeling is mutual. They want to go out together, but things aren't so easy for either of them and a lot of issues are standing in their way. Mark is also a single dad. His autistic son Karl doesn't understand the world around him very well and Mark tries to help him as much as possible. He loves his son so much and does everything for him. Unfortunately there are several misunderstandings between Mark and Donna. Will they be able to get over them and fix things? 
Sometimes when I read a book I fall in love straight away. That's exactly what happened with Somebody to Love. I really liked this warm and unique story. It is funny, awkward, sweet, complicated, messy and adorable. Donna has been damaged because her first husband was a horrible man and Mark has been hurt by several women and is extra careful because of his son. Karl is such a special boy and it was amazing to see him grown and learn things. Animals are playing an important part in this book as well. Sheryl Browne has written a beautiful and sensitive story. I can't praise this book enough. It's moving, kind, caring and wonderful, it's absolutely perfect!

  One very lucky winner will receive a kindle copy of this book and a matching necklace! This giveaway is worldwide as usual. 


  1. Hard to choose I love animals at least most. Not keen on rodents. I love cars abd dogs. Also elephants.

  2. Cats. They're cute and cuddly and...quiet. XD


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