Sep 11, 2014

My First Event!

John Lewis

I needed to look smart for work yesterday, because there was an important event at the library. It was the first thing I had to host on my own and I was very nervous. Fortunately I have Aislyn to assist me now. She's efficient and I don't have to explain everything ten times. She has a great memory and she makes me very handy to-do lists. To celebrate the start of the new school year we organized several writing workshops for both adults and children. People could sign up on our website and I also advertised in our library as much as possible. Because writing is hot these days we got a lot of attention and a large local newspaper sent a journalist and a photographer to cover the event. 
Of course I could count on Rian and Celia to help me out. Edward knows a lot of authors, but this time he just gave me a list and I had to contact them myself. Which means some of them are now my contacts. I couldn't convince all of them to come, but I posted some effective tweets and facebook messages to ask authors to join us and in the end I had a full house. I also invited a few experienced bloggers to teach high school students how to set up a professional blog. Everyone could attend two different workshops which each lasted two hours.
 I organized a huge dinner at the end of the day with the help of my friends Franka and Jada to thank all the writers who participated. It was so much fun. The workshops were a huge success and several authors and bloggers are interested in doing follow-ups, which are now fully booked. I'm happy that one of those classes is a writing course for children. They were delighted and it gave their self confidence a great boost. Some of them are already really good.
Aislyn told me she loves to draw and she writes poetry. She supervised a course about writing for children, which was useful for her as well. I love it when we can interact with both authors and customers. It's nice to bring those two worlds together. We also organized a contest where people could win signed books. I've never seen so many happy faces. Working at a library is such a joy, I love my job!


  1. Beautiful giveaway! Looks like you have a successful event congrats :) Also love the dress xo

  2. Sounds like my library should read this. They do so little now x

  3. Another great Lavender story :) I really can't wait to read more :) x


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