Sep 16, 2014

Lavender's Update

My weekend was really busy. I worked for Franka on Friday night. Her regular hostess at the restaurant has been ill for several weeks and I'm filling in for her during the weekend. It means I hardly have any free time left. I also still try to help Dawn with her household and her online shop. Her business is doing great and she starts earning more and more money. Unfortunately it isn't enough for her to quit her job yet, so she has to work as many hours as possible. When I help her out she sometimes let me shop in her closet. This time I've found this great green Joseph dress. She told me it looks better on me than it does on her, so I can keep it. I love my sister and she's such a generous person. She doesn't deserve to be so unhappy.
Today it was another school day. We need to visit each other's workplaces to learn. I think that's a great assignment and I'm really curious to see where my book club friends are working. We also need to learn how to write promotional material. Rian is teaching that class. Next week we need to hand in our assignments. I'm extra nervous now, because I know him so well. When we were sitting at a table in our regular teashop after class I told him about my insecurities and he tried to reassure me and he told me it's going to be fine. That was really sweet. Finally we had time for our regular tea and cake meeting again. It was so great to catch up. He's dating again, but he doesn't want to commit to anyone. He's too afraid to get hurt. It's such a pity as he's a really nice man. I've met his brother and I don't understand why his ex-fiancée decided to date him instead. They're going to get married and even though Rian doesn't like the idea it didn't leave him devastated. We even ordered champagne after our tea to celebrate that he's over her.
My book club meeting was fantastic as usual. I love reading with my group of friends. I'm really glad Aislyn has one of her own so we can compare experiences. She's a nice girl and we get along quite well. It's still very new for me to play the boss, but I'm sure it won't feel like I'm only acting after a while. We're planning on throwing a bookish Halloween party together. I can't wait, I love the idea.


  1. Now that's a great IDEa bookish Halloween party :). Great to catch up with lavender

  2. Great Lavender update, I love the green dress and the book club sounds so much fun :)


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