Sep 24, 2014

Lavender Loves Mintapalinta!

I love Mintapalinta. Their jewelry is hand painted and it's stunning. Mintapalinta is a family business, a mother and her two daughters are making the jewelry together. They are from Hungary and their unique folk art is beautiful. 

Mintapalinta's materials of choice are wood and porcelain. Their original creations are perfect for life-loving, bohemian women.

What I like about this jewelry is the cheerful and fun design. It radiates joy and happiness.

It is possible to buy matching sets. They would make a perfect gift and these floral patterns are both cute and pretty.

Another positive aspect of buying from Mintapalinta is that they offer free worldwide shipping. It's a great deal and it makes their items really affordable.

If you like color this will be the right shop for you. It is for me and I would love to own every item in the store!

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