Sep 17, 2014

Lavender Loves Ariom Designs!

I discovered Ariom Designs when I was looking for book jewelry. Moira makes the most beautiful designs using great quality, eco friendly leather. Her designs are amazing and I'm a happy customer of her shop. 

I've interviewed Moira, so you can get to know a bit more about her and her art.

1. Where do you get your inspiration?

All things natural! I feel there is multiple levels of inspiration stemming from a heart/head/body balance. In an effort to keep these elements balanced, I find myself going on bush walks and ocean adventures - it is here often a leaf or piece of timber will catch my eye or a bird will drop a feather. In union with the texture of leather and the endless colour and texture variations of the gemstones offered by this land I am in creative heaven!

 2. Are you a full time artist?

I am indeed a full time artist. Thankfully I am able to fill my days doing what makes my heart sing and be heard! In 2011 I quit working as a Cobbler (Shoe Repairer) in a quest to do what I loved for a living. After some soul searching I have really focussed the last two years on building the Ariom world into a hub to support and share my craft. Along with my Etsy shop I have a good flow of custom requests always on the go that keeps me bussling along ;)

3) could you tell me a bit more about your Etsy shop?

I had known about Etsy for sometime before opening my shop through friends who had opened their own - one of those friends Martina, I have actually joined forces with and together we fuse gemstone and leather in a very special way. 

You can find Martinas Etsy shop here:
Martina is a very talented, multi skilled fossicker who supplies me with all the gemstones in my work - found by her own hands walking the land in Australia - no digging, collecting only what is offered to us on the surface - you don't get much more eco friendly than this!

Moira's facebook page:


  1. Wow they are pretty amazing!

  2. i love this woman you can create custom creations of anything you like


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