Sep 22, 2014

Guest Post: It’s my birthday, and I'll celebrate if I want to!

It’s my birthday, and I'll celebrate if I want to!
When Suzanne asked if someone was interested in writing a guest post about a memorable birthday or party, I thought “wow, what a great way to celebrate her own, by having people share their birthday memories.” As I sat down to think about what memorable birthday to write about, I realized I didn’t really have many. At least not memorable in a good sense.

I have very few childhood memories. But the ones I have are vivid. One of the earliest memories I have is from my 6th or 7th birthday in Stockholm, Sweden. My parents had recently divorced and I was at my dad’s house. My grandma, aunt, uncle and my cousins had all come to celebrate me… At least I assumed that’s why they were there.

I was diligently opening my gifts when I heard my four-years older cousin exclaim:
“Hello! She’s opening the gifts! Maybe you should pay some attention to her!”
He had noticed something I hadn’t: none of the grownups were paying any attention to me but were instead busy talking amongst themselves about something more intriguing.
I can’t pinpoint why I remember that moment so specifically and it doesn’t hurt my feelings when I think about it. But I do believe that somehow, it has had major implications on the way I feel about my birthdays.

Most of my life since then, I have been reluctant to celebrate my birthday or make any fuss over it. And the few times I have, I have been disappointed and felt that no one really cared. Friends did not feel like going out, or they left too early, or even forgot to congratulate me, etc. But perhaps this was just a result of me not making a big deal out my birthday, and therefore my friends and family didn’t realize it mattered to me.

So I am making a vow to myself: for my birthday next year, I will go all out. I will send out invitations—or evites—at least a month ahead, requiring RSVPs 2 weeks prior to the party, ensuring people understand they’re expected to commit. It will be elaborate… or as elaborate as my wallet will allow, whether it is at a restaurant or at my house. I will make sure people understand they are allowed and should let loose and that they may not be in perfect shape the next day. It will be talked about as the night when all those crazy things happened. “Remember at Katie’s party, when…” I will shamelessly declare “It’s my birthday and I demand to celebrate! Come celebrate with me!” and hopefully I’ll make up for lost ones.

With that said—I want to say happy birthday to Suzanne! I hope you have an amazing birthday, surrounded by your close and dear ones. Happy birthday!

About Katie:
Blogger, writer and reviewer, originally from Sweden and moved to Los Angeles 4 years ago but currently lives just outside of San Francisco.

Up until recently Katie has mostly focused on screenwriting, which she adores (both TV and film, not yet produced). But after some life-turning events happened recently, she felt it was the perfect time to start writing her debut novel “This Will All Make Sense One Day”— a novel inspired by her own experience moving from Sweden to L.A. Around that same time, she decided to start her blog The Inspired Post where she discusses all things bookish and writing, in addition to some introspective and general posts as well. She’s also an HR professional, although currently “in between jobs,” which allows her to focus on her writing.

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  1. Jennifer Gilby RobertsSeptember 22, 2014 at 7:15 PM

    I think I need to do this too. It's easy to focus on other people's birthdays, but ignore your own and then feel sad about it.

  2. What a great idea a birthday bash. I'm the same abd push my birthday under the carpet a lot of the time x

  3. Katie Jansson ShahinSeptember 22, 2014 at 9:04 PM

    We should all be allowed to demand attention sometimes!

  4. This made me smile. I just did my first painting class and I was thinking about throwing myself a painting party next year!


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