Sep 18, 2014

Guest Post from Niekie

I loved Niekie's box set giveaway and was amazed to received a box set of my own from my wonderful friend. I'm really happy Niekie helped me with my birthday celebrations and it was a pleasure to read her amazing guest posts. Thank you Niekie for writing this very sweet post for me, you're the best!

To everyone who entered the giveaway:

THANK YOU for being open minded and so receptive to something new!

Of course also a BIG congratulations to the winners!
Especially to Marilyn who was the fortunate winner of all the box sets.

You all enjoy! (and please let Suzanne and me know what you thought of the books.....and if you actually were scared!) ;-).

As I told you all in the first giveaway Suzanne and I know each other for a very long time now.
It fills my heart with so much joy knowing how good her blog is doing and how much love she receives from all of you!

I want to share a little story from way back but I have to start by admitting...we are BOOK NERDS! Oh yeah very very BIG book nerds!
If there would be an AA for book addiction we would be in the front row!

When I visited Suzanne in the former town she lived in we Always went to the shopping centre. They had a very good bookstore there. So we would spend loads of money there balancing the books in our arms all the way to the register LOL!

Suzanne knows how afraid I am of spiders so every time I went to see her she would Always check out around her apartment to see if there were any spiders. She would take them away for me so I could have a safe arrival :-).

This is how sweet she is! She has such a big heart and is a true and loyal friend.

I'm glad that her lovingness and sweetness is being answered by all of you!

Again all the winners enjoy and maybe till next time!




  1. Niekie it sounds like your body blessed with each other. I've never personally met suzzane but I still class her as a great friend. We may be miles apart but she manages to make me smile day and night xx

  2. Suzanne is definitely a very sweet friend! <3

    Yesterday I came across this box set again on Amazon and just bought it for myself because it sounds pretty amazing! :-)


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