Sep 8, 2014

Endings & Beginnings

photo credit: Andy Ciordia via photopin cc

Today I had to rush to the library after class. Normally I'm not supposed to be at work on Mondays, but Edward had an announcement to make and he wanted me to be there. Martha's going to retire soon and she'd love to stay at the library, but only part-time. She decided that she might as well take this step back a few months earlier to give a chance to someone younger. She will be taking over my Mondays until I'm done studying and Aislyn will be hired as a full-time employee from now on. I know Edward must have pulled some strings to make that happen on such a short notice. 
I never had the chance to meet Aislyn before today. It's strange as she's been working at the library for months and I kept wondering what she would be like. I must have asked Zoe a thousand questions, because I was so curious. I finally had a chance to meet her and we'll be working together very soon. Edward has given me more responsibilities and she's going to be my right hand. It's scary, but I'm ready to take more initiative.
 When I entered the staff room everybody was already there of course, but they waited for me. There was a beautiful chocolate cake, baked by Edward's wife Victoria, and Edward can't celebrate something without opening several bottles of champagne. As soon as he finished his speech I walked over to my new colleague and introduced myself. I finally had my chance to talk to Aislyn. She looks a bit like a fairy with her very short, almost white hair and her huge green eyes. She was a little shy at first, but after a few glasses of bubbles she started to open up a little. She has a great sense of humor and a warm and caring personality. I can't wait to get to know her better and I'm so excited we're going to work together!


  1. I loved this story, Lavender is so likeable, can't wait to read more :) x

  2. Thank you so much, this comment means a lot to me <3

  3. Looking forwArd to hearing about how she copes with the responsibility. I hope she meets another nice man soon.

  4. I love stories of happy new beginnings. Good luck with your new coworker and added responsibilties! I know you will excel.


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