Sep 22, 2014

City Hospital Book Two: Flames by Keith Miles! & Contest

The second book in the exciting City Hospital series.

City Hospital: One busy hospital, five medical students, plenty of drama...

Join five young trainee medics as they learn about life and love on the wards of City Hospital. Suzie, Mark, Karlene, Gordy and Bella share a house, and the ups and downs of being a medical student in a busy teaching hospital.

In City Hospital Book 2: Flames...

A terrible fire destroys lives, but was it an accident? Karlene is determined to get to the truth.

Gordy meets an old flame who won't take no for an answer.

A young man makes a drastic, and violent, decision, and Bella struggles to understand why.


Suzie, Karlene, Bella, Mark and Gordy are sharing a house. They are all medical students at the City Hospital. Mark and Bella are nurses in training and their next assignment is the psychiatric ward. Bella might be fierce and snappish in her personal life, but she deeply cares for her patients. Gordy is having problems with an old flame. Suzie is struggling with her weight. There's been a fire and Karlene knows the victims. Her friend Janie lost her father and her brother has been badly burned. Karlene wants to find out what happened the night the house went up in flames and she's doing everything she can to help her friend. Each of the five students has a lot to deal with, but fortunately they have each other to lean on.
I liked this book very much. Flames is the second story in the City Hospital series. The reader learns more about the five medical students who are the main characters. There's always something happening and the busy hospital life is really interesting. Gordy is a pretty boy with a bit too much self confidence. He and Bella are always getting in each other's hair. Karlene is wise and determined. She's usually calm and she's a great listener. Suzie is a sweet girl who is terribly insecure. She could really use a good friend. Fortunately Mark is there to help. He's driven and wants to be the best nurse there is. I like all of them and it's great to read about their quarrels and small issues as well as the main topics of the novel. The writing is vivid and it felt like I was watching the whole thing in my head. I loved that and couldn't stop reading. I can't wait to find out what happens in the next book!


There's a City Hospital competition going on at the moment. You can win such a great prize. Good luck!

 Enter the free "City Hospital" competition to be in with a chance to have a character in a book named after you!

The "City Hospital" novels are written by Keith Miles, who has written loads of scripts and books for primetime TV and soaps. "City Hospital" is perfect for fans of shows like "Casualty" and "Holby City". It follows the lives of five medical students - Suzie, Mark, Karlene, Gordy and Bella - who share a house, and the ups and downs of working in a busy teaching hospital. Each novel mixes their own personal dramas with patients' stories. The series was a huge hit in print, and is now being reissued as ebooks for the first time.

To be in with a chance to have a character in the next "City Hospital" book named after you, simply email, with your name and the answer to the question - who writes the City Hospital series of novels? The deadline for entries is midnight on Monday 6th October. A winner will be picked at random and announced on Wednesday 8th October. Good luck!

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