Sep 29, 2014

Book Talk: Books with great birthday scenes & Happy Birthday Tanya!

Happy birthday Tanya!

Because my dear friend Tanya is celebrating her birthday today I've made a list of books that have really good birthday scenes. Tanya always cheers me up and I love our chats in the middle of the night. She likes reading as much as I do and we often talk about books. Her favorite birthday books are all from the Harry Potter series. I love those books as well. Check out Tanya's wonderful post about birthdays and Harry Potter which you can find here. I like reading books about birthdays, they always have something extra special.

This story contains a wonderful birthday cake for a very special person.

The birthday of the main characters is a very important part of this series.

A great birthday party with a cool challenge is one of the last times life is normal.

Making some important life changes because of an upcoming very important birthday isn't an easy decision.

I loved reading about the memorable birthday party of a teenage girl.

Making sure someone you loves has a special birthday is something really sweet.


  1. Suzanne thank you very much you always manage to make me smile. Ice had such a licky day. Thank you so much for doing this on your blog :)

  2. I love birthday scenes in books, too. Thanks for including True Colors!


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