Sep 2, 2014

Book Club Talk: The Otherworld Series by Yasmine Galenorn

 On Monday evenings it's book club night. I'm glad we're talking about fantasy and paranormal books again. I've missed it and after a summer filled with chick-lit and romance I can't wait to read a story with an ass-kicking heroine again. We all had to pre-order the new Otherworld novel from Yasmine Galenorn. It's called Priestess Dreaming and it has a fabulous cover, I love the colors! I really like this series and have been a fan for years. The world building is fantastic and the three D'Artigo sisters are all fabulous. They've got such a great attitude and they aren't afraid to attack their opponents. They're brave and they've got powerful friends who usually have so many cool tricks up their sleeves. I admire what they can do and how strong they are. Family is very important for the sisters and they're taking care of each other. 
I like books about magic and I know Priestess Dreaming is going to bring me a lot of that. This series has monsters, immortality, skeletons, creepy creatures, elves, witches, vampires, shifters and dragons. Need I say more? Just a few more weeks and then I can finally read the next book, I'm already counting the days.

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