Sep 2, 2014

Bishop Street by Rene D. Schultz

“Bishop Street” is a heartwarming and redemptive novel that captures the complex relationships between four orphans and their lifetime of challenges. It’s uplifting and with each turn of the page you fall more in love with the characters.

Margaret Gray for the past twenty years has hidden behind a facade of normalcy. She wasn't always rich and famous. At the age of seven her mother abandons her on the steps of the Bishop Street Orphanage with a note pinned to her coat. Here, under the cruel tutelage of Sister Theresa, Maggie develops a powerful bond with her roommates, Elizabeth, Lucy and Randolph. Their close friendship fortifies them against the years of physical abuse, emotional torment, and manipulation that follow.

Now, Maggie is thirty-nine and her nightmares are coming back. Despite a successful writing career and a flawless reputation, she is unable to keep all that she has built from crumbling around her. It’s been twenty years since she’s heard from her friends. Why didn't they answer her letters? Had they survived? Had Sister Theresa been right, or had she manipulated them all with lies, aiming to destroy their friendship, forever?

Sister Theresa is dead and with nothing left to fear, Maggie hires Damon Depre, a private investigator to find her friends, and seek the truth. This starts her down a twisted path that will once again, test her strength of character. Will she find more than just her friends... 


My good friend AJ from the AJ Book Review Club recommended this book to me. She's started a book club and this is the first book we've read. 

Margaret Gray is a successful author. It looks like she has it all with her great books, good looks and a lot of money in the bank, but that isn't really true. She's living a secluded and empty life. She's still struggling with her horrible childhood at the orphanage in Bishop Street. Sister Theresa made the lives of the children a living hell. Fortunately Maggie also had friends there. Maggie, Elizabet, Randolph and Lucy stuck together and tried to make the best of it. Because of Sister Theresa the once so close friends didn't stay in touch. The nightmares of her past keep bothering Maggie and to find closure she decides to hire someone to track down her three childhood friends. Has Sister Theresa succeeded in breaking their bond indefinitely or was their friendship more solid than that? Will Maggie be strong enough to deal with the things that are coming her way?
There are some minor imperfections in this book, but Bishop Street deserves a review, because it is such an amazing story. Maggie is so damaged and she can never undo her past, but finally she's ready to deal with it. Slowly she's getting stronger and every time she has to conquer new fears. She does that with her head held high. She's vulnerable, but she fights over and over again. I admired that about her. It's terrible that those kids have suffered so much because of the cruelties of an evil sister. I had a lump in my throat every time I read about them. No child should have to suffer and this made me ache for all children who are or have been living in similar situations. Bishop Street isn't a happy story, but it's impressive, beautiful and heartbreaking. Even in the worst situations there can be something good. I loved this confronting novel and I can't wait to read the sequel.

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