Oct 1, 2014

Birthday Presents!

This is the last day of my birthday celebrations. I've taken photos of most birthday presents I received, but haven't been able to photograph everything yet. The last one isn't my own and I also got a tangle teaser hair brush, which I love. Plus there was a notebook with a shiny cover and some chocolate that I couldn't photograph very well. I really like them. I'm sorry for the flash, I'm learning to take better pictures, but that's going to take some time. Thank you Gurdeep, Tanya, Sharon, Sam, Sophie, Sophie, Pia, Agi, Claire, Simona & Ananda for the presents on the photos! Also thank you Katie, Niekie, Rox, Marieke, Margaret and Sheli for the great presents I haven't taken a photo of. Last but not least I want to thank my family and my husband. And there were so many amazing postcards that I will cherish. Thank you Krysten for sending me such a special message, that was amazing. 
I'm also really happy that so many people have helped me with my celebrations. That was amazing and I've made some great friends with people I didn't know that well yet before. I'm grateful to everyone who's written a guest post, helped me with giveaways or who has done a special feature with me. If I've forgotten anyone, I love you and it was not intentional.
I also want to thank AJ, because she sent me a really sweet gift that never arrived. I hope it has made someone else's day instead. I think the same thing happened to two other things I've been sent, fingers crossed they will still show up. 
I've had an amazing birthday and that has made me unbelievably happy!  


  1. What a lovely amount of gifts I know I felt the same about the amazing gifts and birthday wishes I received. Your such a kind hearted person I think we all wanted to share our happiness and thanks with you. My life is richer with you in it and I know your lovely idea of happy mail had caught on that we all enjoy sending, recieving and looking at it. Bless you Suzanne xxx

  2. Thank you so much, a big hug for your sweet words <3 <3 <3

  3. So much lovely stuff :) I hope you had a lovely birthday month you deserved it :) x

  4. Lovely presents! Hope you enjoy them :)

  5. Thanks so much, I had a great time, it was a lot of fun celebrating! xx


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