Sep 4, 2014

An Amazing Guest Post from Simona

I had tears in my eyes when I read Simona's amazing guest post. She's such a sweet and generous person! I love her blog and her many talents. She's going to be famous with her own musicals for children in the future, mark my words. She can play the piano and sing very well and I hope I'll get a chance to see her dance one day. Thank you so much Simona for being a great friend and for writing this wonderful post!

Happy Birthday Suzanne

Today is a very special day, our lovely Suzanne’s / Librarian Lavender’s birthday!!!


Suus is such a great blogger and a wonderful person. Always spoiling us with her giveaways, giving us various posts from different topics to read about. I always have a smile on my face when I read her posts and she comes up with new ideas all the time. Whether is a book related, a fashionable or a personal post, she always has something to tell. She has her own voice…
I love her idea of the #happymail she is sending to everybody. It’s such a nice idea and something small can put a huge smile on someone’s face. Thank you for doing this and getting the letter writing back to us. A woman with some much heart <3.

I tried to describe her using the letters in her name:

S weet
U nique
Z ippy
A ctive
N ice – nicer – the nicest
N atural
E arnest


L ovely
I nternational
B rilliant
R eliable
A wesome
R emarkable
I ntelligent
A mazing
N oble

L ively
A dventurous
V ery talented
E nthusiastic
N ot normal, but special
D etermined
E legant
R eal

So, that’s what I came up with as a birthday post, hope you all like it! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE, I’m so happy we’ve met <3.
Love, Simona xxx


  1. What a very sweet and loving guestpost Simona! Suus deserves all the sweetness!

  2. What a fantastic guest post and different :)


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