Sep 9, 2014

AJ's Fantastic Birthday Questions!

My friend AJ has asked me some birthday related questions. We've done a duo interview. I've also asked her some questions and she will answer them on her own blog. Her questions are birthday related and I love the idea. She came up with it while we were chatting. I love our talks and am so glad I've met her. She's a very sweet person and she already knows me very well even though we've only met a few months ago.

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1) What did you do on your birthday? 

I've celebrated my birthday twice now. Once with a dinner and once with drinks and snacks. Both times I had a lot of fun. There will also be a small family party next weekend. 

2) What would you like for a gift?

I usually have a wish list that contains books, book related gifts, stationery, beauty items, accessories and jewelry. This year I've also asked for some donations so I can buy a beautiful work of art.

3)What's your favourite cake and party food?

I love Chocolate cake and more chocolate cake. That's my party food of choice. If it's accompanied by a glass of delicious champagne I'm very happy.

4) What books would you like? I know your mum and dad sent you box sets last year...

I loved those box sets. I haven't asked for any new ones, because I still have a few of them left to read. Not all the series are complete yet and I try not to read too many unfinished stories at the same time.
 I received some great bookish gifts for my birthday though. I got a cookbook and I've been sent some lovely chick-lit novels. This year my parents gave me a kindle, which is such a great gift!

5) What are you doing for your birthday?

I've bought a painting for myself and I'm celebrating on my blog big time. I think it's nice to pamper myself a little and a birthday is a very good excuse. 

6) What's your favourite drink?

Champagne, definitely, but of course I can't drink alcohol all day. I also really like fresh peppermint tea, which is also quite festive if you put it in a nice glass. 

7) If you got to go on holidays now were would you go and why?

I've been away on my birthday a few times, but this year I stayed home. I would have loved to go somewhere at this time of year though. If I could choose I would travel to the UK. I'd like to visit my friends there.

8) Any book that reminds you of past birthdays?

Around my birthday there's always the release of the new October Daye novel by Seanan McGuire. As that's my favorite series I look forward to it very much. Receiving the new book is always a bit festive.

9) Tell me about you as lavender and how and why you do your blog as her?

I've always loved to read serials in magazines and newspapers. I wanted to offer something like that for free. I combined it with book reviews and shopping and gave Lavender her own style and taste in books. I'm currently trying to give Lavender her own face and hopefully in a few weeks there will be an official avatar, so we don't have to share my photo anymore. 

10) Tell me Suzanne, how old are you and do you like that?

I'm 34 years old now and even though I don't like getting older I'm happy that I can celebrate my birthdays and I'm grateful that I've made it this far. 

11) Why did you start happy mail? It's fab.

I'm really glad you like it. I started this project to get back into sending mail again. I've done something similar for Christmas in 2012. I got mixed reactions then, but decided to repeat it anyway. One of my friends sent me cute mail several times in the months before I started sending happy mail and I remembered how happy that made me. While talking to another friend about sending nice mail the idea suddenly popped back into my head. I wanted to get back into sending mail again and originally planned to send something every day for a week. When I received so many great reactions about my post and the mail people received. I started to expand the project. I'm really happy I took that decision as it's a lot of fun. Instead of sending mail every day I now send it whenever I feel like it which is still quite regularly.

12) How many books do your read in a week and what book do you like?

I used to read up to 8 books a week, but since I started writing and blogging every day I think I'm lucky if I can read 5. I usually read at night, that's my quiet alone time. When everybody else is asleep I'm curling up on my sofa bed with a book. I don't have to get up early in the morning and I'm fully enjoying that freedom. 

Thank you AJ for the great questions. It was so much fun to write this post!


  1. Love the insight to you x

  2. Awesome interview, I enjoyed reading this! :)

    I have a new outfit post up, let me know what you think! :)



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