Aug 14, 2014

True Colors by Krysten Lindsay Hager

Landry Albright just wants to be one of the interesting girls at school who always have exciting things going on in their lives. She wants to stand out, but also wants to fit in, so she gives in when her two best friends, Ericka and Tori, push her into trying out for a teen reality show modeling competition with them. Landry goes in nervous, but impresses the judges enough to make it to the next round. However, Ericka and Tori get cut and basically "unfriend" her on Monday at school. Landry tries to make new friends, but gets caught up between wanting to be herself and conforming to who her new friends want her to be. Along the way she learns that modeling is nowhere as glamorous as it seems, how to deal with frenemies, a new crush, and that true friends see you for who you really are and like you because of it.

 Landry wants to have an interesting life. She wants to be able to talk about the amazing things that have happened to her, but her life is just normal. She has two best friends and is doing pretty well in school. Her life changes when Landry enters a modeling competition. Her friends Erika and Tori both want to try out, so she joins them. She's very surprised when the judges select her to go to the next round. Unfortunately her friends are less excited about this than she is. All of a sudden Landry has two great stories, but she has no friends to listen to them. She tries to make new friends though. New friends bring new demands. Landry tries to keep everybody happy, but she also has to think about herself every now and then. That isn't always easy. She has to learn to see people for what they really are. And then there's a boy she really likes. Will Landry eventually get the chance to be herself and to be liked because of it? 
I loved True Colors. Landry is a thirteen year old girl and Krysten Lindsay has described her feelings and the things she worries and cares about really well. This book is sweet and it's so wonderful because of Landry's everyday life. She's such an insecure girl, but she learns how to stand up for herself a bit better one step at the time. Landry isn't perfect, but she has a great heart. She's such a kind and good person. Her friends aren't always like that, not everyone is as nice as Landry. That makes life harder for her, but she also needs to become a little more tough. The story was never over the top and it kept being believable. I liked that. I enjoyed reading this book very much. It's for young girls and for their mothers who will love to remember again how they felt when they were that age.

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