Aug 21, 2014

Summary: Family

 My family is wonderful and we see each other quite often. My parents are retired. They have a big house with a fancy barn where they throw parties and besides that they travel and spend as much time together as they possibly can. My grandma and grandpa are still alive, they're really old, but they love life and follow as many new developments as they can. I visit them from time to time and if they have a good day they still come over to the house. 
I have two siblings. My sister Dawn is the eldest. She has three children and they are named Phoebe, Marcy and Robert. My nieces and nephew are wonderful and I love spending time with them. I see those kids a lot, because Dawn's husband, Seth, is very ill. He's got a strange kind of virus and the doctors don't know how to treat it. They've transfered him to a special care unit where he's been for the past two months. My parents can only do so much and I'm trying to do my best to help my sister. She's the head of a large department store and she's running a successful online shop. She sells cosmetics and I love packing orders and trying her new products. 
My brother Jason and his girlfriend Sandy are currently traveling the world. They've bought a house together and wanted to make one more trip before starting a family. I think they will come home for Christmas and that might be the end of their adventures abroad.
My uncle Peter and aunt Giselle have a bed & breakfast. They also have a cultural center where they organize all kinds of seminars. I sometimes go there to learn something new and to help out. It's a great combination of the two. They have no children and because they are my godparents we have an extra special bond. 


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