Aug 2, 2014

Sent and Received

1) My friend Niekie gave me five #happymail envelopes and this is what was in the first two. The Hello Kitty card is super cute and I love the key chain that will protect me against evil.

2) I won Agi's birthday giveaway and she sent me an amazing package. I'm so lucky that I've won these books and the one in the middle is signed. It's one of the best prizes I've received this year!

3) Shaz is such a sweet person, she sent me a package filled with all kinds of British goodies and I love every single one of them! She wanted to send me Happy Mail and she definitely succeeded, what she sent me made my day!

4) The left card is the third card Niekie has given me. It's such a cute one and the text she's written on it is great as well. Agi sent me this owl card with my prize. It's so adorable! She knows how much I like them.

5) This was also part of Agi's prize. I love owls and I can't wait to read the book!

6) Today I received happy e-mail for my kindle. My dear friend Katie sent me this book, which was on my amazon wishlist. I look forward to reading it very much!

7) This is my #happymail that's ready to go out. A lot of great people are going to receive mail from me next week.

My #happymail project has made me very happy. That was something I hadn't given any thought when I started it. I want to thank everyone who's sent me things and kind messages very much. You're all great!

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  1. I love to see all the Great things you have received! You are a fantastic person and i am very lucky to have you in my life! Enjoy all the love!


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