Aug 12, 2014

Only True In Fairy Tales by Christine Stovell

It’s never too late to believe in fairy tales …
Eloise Blake has been fascinated by Prospect House, the shadowy romantic Gothic house opposite, ever since she moved to the village of Hookfield.

When its new owner turns out to be best-selling crime author, Ross Farrell, whose work is grounded in gritty reality rather than happy endings, Eloise is determined to concentrate on her tapestry design business and her rescue dog, Gracie.

She’s already given up on knights in shining armour and happy ever afters. Love, she thinks, is only true in fairy tales - even when Ross keeps appearing just when she needs help most. But is he the Prince Charming she thought didn’t exist – or is he a beast in disguise? 

Eloise loves Hookfield. Her cottage is a safe haven for her and the beautiful house across the street has been a source of inspiration for her work. She designs tapestries. When a famous crime author buys Prospect House she's immediately impressed. Ross is a gentleman, but Eloise doesn't want to think about love at all. She's been damaged in the past and she wants to stay in her own, safe world together with her scared rescue dog, Gracie. Eloise and Ross keep running into each other and he helps her out of a few dire situations. Will Ross be able to make Eloise change her mind?
Eloise's had a troubled past and that makes her vulnerable and headstrong at the same time. I loved her character, the way she looked and her creativity. The descriptions of both houses and the surroundings were wonderful. I really liked the village life. Gracie is also quite special and she and Eloise are a great pair. Ross is a kind man, but he isn't always easy to communicate with, especially not when something inspires him. Only True in Fairy Tales is a sweet and romantic novella that is great because of a strong story with two beautiful and artistic main characters.


  1. Aw! Thank you so much for your time and trouble.

  2. Your welcome, I loved reading it and had a lot of fun writing the review :)


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