Aug 30, 2014

Online Shopping on Friday Night!

I've done some online shopping yesterday and it was a great and happy way to start the weekend. I've purchased some lovely things! The first thing I've bought is this gorgeous necklace. It's from Ariom Designs on Etsy and I really like it! I'm a big fan of unusual jewelry with beautiful stones.

I've placed an order at Rose & Co again. I needed to stock up on some favorite products and of course I'm also going to try a few new ones. I've purchased a few small things for my birthday giveaway as well.

I love Dleesnow's designs and fell in love with this candy jar. Cute, pink and sweets, a perfect combination!

I've purchased quite a few books this week, because there were some great offers. This is one of them. I can't wait to read it!

This pendant contains a real butterfly wing. The owner of Chrysalis Studios makes eco- friendly jewelry, so no butterfly has been harmed to create the necklace. I love that these beautiful insects are being preserved this way. People can enjoy and love them every day and their stunning wings are a real treasure!

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