Aug 18, 2014

Librarian Lavender's Love Life: The Story So Far

During the past couple of months I've written a lot about my life. You've been allowed to read about my friends, my family and my love life. I shared everything with you. Because I'm having a lot more readers now I thought it would be a good idea to start writing summaries. If you're new to my blog you know what's going on and if you've already been following for a while it's a good way to refresh your memory. From now on you don't have to scroll back anymore to read all the post about me and my life, you can just click Summaries to be informed.

I'm going to start with my love life. At the beginning of the year I met a guy named Oliver. I liked him a lot and we went out a few times. Things ended abruptly when I found out he had a girlfriend. This girl, Jada, is now one of my best friends. My good friend Stella, who knows us both, introduced us to each other. Neither of us wanted to date a two timing bastard, but we liked each other enough to give the friendship a try.
At the same time I met Ben. He was a regular visitor of the library, because his son, Samuel, loves to read so much. Because of his little boy Ben and I started talking. Ben is a kind and creative man, but he is also complex. I liked him a lot and am sad that things didn't work out between us. I went to Disneyland together with him and Samuel and that was the highlight of our relationship. I think we could have been great together, but Ben moved abroad. He followed his ex-wife and didn't ask me to come along. 
I'm not lucky in love, so far I've never been and I'm still hoping to find my prince charming any day now. I keep looking and I have enough dating experience, but there has been no mister right. The next guy I dated was called Lester, he was a real gentleman, at least I thought so at the time. He was old fashioned and wanted to take things slow. We got along really well and could talk for hours. We also kissed a few times. Then I introduced him to my friend Gina. Unfortunately things ended between us before they even started, because Lester and Gina liked each other very much. 
Lester and I wouldn't have been good together, I'm certain of that. There wasn't enough chemistry. I did meet someone else with whom I had that in abundance. I'd known him for a very long time as he used to be my roommate. His name is Calvin and I had the feeling that he was the one. I even wanted to marry him. Unfortunately he got another woman pregnant before he came back into my life. He didn't know about that until the baby was born. He left me and went back to her as soon as he found out.
I wish I had better news to share, but I'm just not good at finding nice and kind men. They either move away or they cheat on me. I think the reason for this is that I trust way too easily. I usually see the good in everyone I meet. I think that's one of my best features, but it's also a dangerous one, because it makes me blind for certain things that other people usually notice. I know the right guy is out there, I just have to find him.

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