Aug 12, 2014

Les Pensées: Interview and Giveaway

Because I liked Les Pensées so much I'm very happy to have the chance to give the book some more attention on my blog. Anne Victory has kindly offered to answer some questions for me and she will also give away a copy of the book to a lucky winner. 

Your father often told you stories about Lucienne and her poetry. He must have been very proud of her?

He was very proud of her. I think she was probably his one true, epic love. Not to say that he didn't love my biological mother or my step-mom (his second and third wives), but he was deeply in love with Lucienne. Thankfully, my mom (my step-mother, but she raised me) has always been very understanding, and they love each other very much. I think it's just proof that the human heart has the capacity to love in many different ways. Just because you love one person doesn't mean you love another less.


Do you have a romantic story to share about Lucienne and your father?

My daddy has a home in Louisiana that he's owned for over sixty years, and he and Lucienne lived there together. It's also where I grew up. So while I don't have a specific story, every time Daddy would show me a tree or a flower bed, he would often tell me that Lucienne had planted it, or that was her favorite spot, or she used to love to walk to the pond with her cocker spaniel, that sort of thing.


What was your fathers favorite poem and why?

He loved all of her poems, I think because they are very in touch with nature and God. But he especially liked "White Flower," although it always made him sad. I think a large part of that is because it deals with the soldier coming home from the war.


Could you maybe tell something about the friendship between Lilian and Lucienne? Lilian's 
translations are beautiful and she must have known Lucienne very well.

Sure! And there's a letter and journal entry in the book, too, that talks about how they met. Originally, Lucienne was to help Lilian with her French, and Lilian was to help Lucienne with her English. Over the years, their friendship grew and Lilian was a close family friend. My middle name is actually Lillian, after her.


Do you have other information about Lucienne you'd like to share with my readers?

Lucienne was a painter, too. The family home has over twenty paintings that she did. Some were of the house and Louisiana countryside, including the bayous, but others were of the French countryside, and she especially loved to paint seascapes. I had actually wanted to include color pieces int he book and expand it, but the cost of doing that would have been prohibitive. Maybe one day!


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  3. The thoughts behind the words!

  4. I'm not very romantic....but a bood glass of champaign while enjoying a bubblebath comes close haha

  5. I like poetry when it rhymes and is about love!


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